Unfortunately we all are victims…

Fortunately we all are survivors too


God is there

Sometimes things happen unusually.

They give us series of stress and storm,

And finally one fine day,

Everything comes back to the old,

Calm and comfortable position,

And our belief in God becomes,

Much more strong.

Kindle quick reads

(Review contains spoilers)

Title : Productivity Hacks

Author : David Vellacott

Page count : 24

Genre : Self – Help

About the book : A short read on to to become productive.

The aim of productivity should never be to do more, it should be to do less, more effectively.

#Sleep more

to be effective, you have to sleep well and deep. Set aside time for this every night. Stop fiddling with your phone at least an hour before you start the bedtime routine. Bedtime is your rest time – switch off, relax and reboot.

#Eat better

#Keep gas in the tank

If you use up all your energy and ideas in the one sitting it will take so much willpower to go back to the desk tomorrow that it will become harder and harder each day.

#Delegate, Deprioritize or Eliminate

#Stop majoring in minor things

#Ignore social and email

Both social and email are quintessential time thieves.To stop these habits, you need to be aware of them.

#Be a starter finisher

#Bite-size chunks

Any big goal is best chunked.

#Don’t over commit

A rule of thumb is this if someone asks you to do something ask yourself “Will this take me closer to or further away from my overall goal?”If you agree to do something you are not 100% committed to, you won’t do it to the best of your ability.

#Work anywhere

You need to force yourself, your body and your mind not to get too used to one seat or one environment for working in. Make it work where-ever you can when you give it the signal.

#Focus on one thing

#Schedule uninterrupted time

#Pensive pad

A notepad and pen – Where you can literally pull thoughts from her head and leave them to marinate while you get on with other things.



use natural push to complete something.

Rating : (2.5/5)

Kindle quick reads

(This review contains spoilers)

Book title : Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

Author : Magnus Steele

Publication Date : 25 Jan 2017

Page count: 29

Genre : Self – Help

About the book : It is a short revision of things that we are already familiar. The book is structured with a short introduction,15 short chapters dealing with 15mindset hacks that will help one to gain success and a short conclusion summarising the main points described in the earlier pages.

The main points mentioned by the writer:

  1. Don’t see challenges as a chore, but as a sign that you are operateing outside of your comfort zone and learning.
  2. Focus on the process and end goals will take care of themselves.
  3. Never underestimate the power of practice, as this is what makes success and not raw talent.
  4. Plan, make prototypes. You may not get it right at the first time but it’s fine.
  5. Be eager for discovery.
  6. Believe you can achieve.
  7. Don’t think success = rich.
  8. Condition yourself for success.
  9. Value the important over the urgent.
  10. Do things today.
  11. Value others.
  12. Be thankful.
  13. Improve yourself and your life will improve.
  14. Don’t beat yourself up.
  15. See hard work as an opportunity.

He introduces the readers to the book by stating, “Perception is everything,what you perceive is what you get”.

Following are the lines I highlighted while reading:

  • You’ll face challenges – The key is to relish them.
  • To master a thing is to practice it.
  • Learn to be like child.
  • Practice visualization.(It involves seeing the completion of your goal in your mind’s eye.)
  • Success is never completely achieved. You need to keep moving inorder to grow.
  • Turn your fear into ally, rather than dwelling on the negative things that may occur and letting them happen.
  • Congratulate yourself.
  • To increase your effectiveness is to realize that you need to do things NOW.
  • Other people will help you learn.
  • Grateful people achieve more.
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness.(An hour of power)
  • Genuine success and innovation requires hours of graft and elbow grease.

Thus the author concludes, “The key to success is to know what you want and to know how to attain it – Success is not just about what you do. It is about what you think”.

My rating : Average 🌟🌟🌟 ⭐️⭐️(3/5)


How can I swim into the seas of depression

How can I make a tornado of hue and cry

How can I droop myself into the corners of melancholy

When you kiss me with all tenderness

And pours the greatest wisdom onto my ears …

©Ammu Sree


What we love and hate the most?

It is the most inevitable “change”!

Change can change the course and flow of everything …

A change in one, changes the world around

Oh change!how destructive you are

In the never-ending process of creation .

Cats or Dogs

Once my friend said, “I love cats”

Me, a lover of dogs because of its faithfulness was quite astonished by her words who said:

“Cats are selfish and cheaters”.

She continued,

Yes, This is a world where we need to learn from cats who teach us the ultimate idea of ‘survival of the fittest’. They know to steal everything from us with their fake affection and mischievous eyes.”

©Ammu Sree

Cobweb of desires

Cobweb of desires…

Some makes my palace of desires antique with their natural charm

Some are mere dust that I never care

But some horrifies me with their witchcraft

Oh! I need a magical portion to sprinkle on it

And to wipe them out from every corner of my palace…

©Ammu Sree


Pour enough rain on me,

And little sunlight too…

I need to revive

From the winter’s sickness,

To up my head and smile

Before the fall.


But I’ll sprout again,

Because I’m nature’s daughter.

Ink in my pen

The ink in my pen started to dry

The pen – It was on the holder for many years…

I admired its beauty everyday – but never used it.

Finally, when I picked it up to write,

It poured few dried black ink

Which couldn’t have the strength to hold my long kept thoughts…

Again I kept on the holder.

Now it’s mere a dead showpiece.

©Ammu Sree